Nick Zervoudis

Nick Zervoudis

Data Product Manager


About me

My experience lies at the intersection of analytics, technology, and business, and my strength is in acting as the interface between technical teams and business stakeholders.

I started my career working for startups blending business consulting with data science and product development. I then worked as an analytics-focused management consultant to further hone my technical skills, before going back to being a Product Manager for data products, first at PepsiCo, and now at CKDelta.

Outside of work, I have a variety of interests that I learn, think, and (sometimes) teach about. These include rock climbing, science fiction, environmentalism, current affairs, and public speaking.


  • Product management
  • Data science & analytics
  • Retail and consumer goods
  • Rock climbing & bouldering
  • Effective Altruism
  • Sustainability
  • Public speaking


  • MSc Management (Digital Business focus), 2015-2016

    Imperial College Business School

  • BA (Hons) Politics with International Studies, 2012-2015

    University of Warwick


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Data Product Manager


May 2022 – Present London

Lead Instructor (Data Analytics)


Apr 2021 – Feb 2022 Online
I was offered the opportunity to teach beginner-level data analytics (Excel, SQL, Tableau) techniques on a part-time basis. Having gotten into data without a formal STEM education, I am both very excited to help others break into this exciting and rewarding world, and also feel well-prepared for explaining data and analytics concepts to people with no prior experience or comfort.

Data Product Manager


Aug 2020 – Apr 2022 London
I was responsible for the development, deployment, and evolution of the Europe Advanced Analytics customer (i.e. retailer) big data platform that powers the company’s next-gen machine learning use-cases. I worked closely with data engineers, data scientists, data translators, and local business and IT teams to make sure we delivered commercially valuable work in a scalable and automatable fashion.

Analytics Consultant (AI Strategy)

Capgemini Invent

Feb 2019 – Jul 2020 London

After leaving QS, I wanted to take a step back in terms of responsibility and instead focus more on developing my analytical skills and expertise, as most (though not all) of my previous experience involved managing data scientists and analysts, rather than getting stuck in myself.

At Invent, I spent most of my time writing and testing long and complex (though not necessarily complicated) SQL scripts and writing Excel/VBA tools for a Big 4 UK retail bank. Figuring out elegant solutions to complex problems was fun. Testing, reviewing, and fixing less-than-elegant solutions (which often were necessary) was, well, less fun, but also rewarding, in its own way.

My last 4 months at Invent (which overlapped with the covid-19 lockdown) were probably the most interesting and rewarding. I was basically the ‘data guy’ on an exciting multi-disciplinary/cross-functional team building a new customer loyalty scheme for a global retailer. I was working closely with my manager to rapidly test the assumptions in the original business case, mesh my quantitative insights with qualitative research, and present our findings in weekly sessions with the global leadership and regional market teams. Aside from the insights work, we also worked together to model the global rollout’s financial case under different scenarios.


First employee / Analyst / Senior Analyst / Product Manager


Dec 2016 – Feb 2019 London

I was QuantSpark’s first employee and in my two years at the firm I helped grow the business to a team of 25+.

I started off as an analyst, but quickly had to learn how to wear many other hats and take up a lot more responsibility, from ordering kit for our first office and setting up our recruitment process, to managing key projects and presenting our cutting-edge work to client CEOs.

I wasn’t a data scientist or developer, like the rest of the team, but I wasn’t a pure-play project manager either. Sometime halfway through, the CEO and I realised that there was a title for the (non-ops) assortment of work I was doing: Product Manager.

I was the PM for 3 products we shipped: A location intelligence POC, a churn prediction model, and the flagship product, a retail analytics platform for a Big 4 UK grocery retailer.

I also helped or led delivery of non-product deliverables that were more on the conventional side of consulting, like recommendations for optimising call centre operations for an insurer owned by a PE firm, and lots of ad hoc projects with the same Big 4 retailer that we built the flagship product for.


Summer Business Analyst

JKU & Associates (now known as Pirical)

May 2016 – Aug 2016 London
I still have very fond memories of JKU & Associates, the startup where I was first exposed to the power of data and analytics when applied with ruthless focus and strong domain expertise. I learned about data science, data engineering, people analytics, and the realities of working at an early-stage startup.


Various thoughts and comments about business, technology, politics, and personal & professional development.


Thoughts and advice about competitive debating, as well as training workshops I have previously delivered